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Suicide accidentally broadcast by Fox News

The victim (property of Fox News)

GRAPHIC: Carjacker Shoots Self On Live Television At End Of High-Speed Chase | Mediaite.

Those of you who get squeamish or offended easily may not want to click on this link or view this terrible video.

Fox News broadcast live footage of a carjacker being pursued by police in rural Arizona. Eventually, the criminal pulled onto a dirt road, got out with gun in hand, and took off on foot. All the while, the “eye in the sky” news helicopter followed him closely.

The unidentified man staggered down the sandy road, stood behind a grassy embankment and did something no one could have anticipated.

He put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. On live television, no less.

Host Shephard Smith yelled for the footage to be stopped, but everyone watched as the carjacker’s lifeless body crumbled to the ground. It was quite surreal.

Smith apologized, Fox apologized and people are moving past it, but this is a terrible thing to see on television. Pay-per-view, maybe, but not network.


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