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Keg stands for babies

Baby Keg Stand Arizona Asu

Youngest fraternity pledge ever or victim of cross-generational peer pressure?

ABC Phoenix recently reported on a disturbing photograph of a small child taking a keg stand at an Arizona State University tailgating party.

As you might imagine, local residents are not happy.

The photograph, taken by an outraged eyewitness, went viral this week. Authorities are still investigating, but the child’s parents claim the photo was staged. ASU released the following statement earlier:

ASU Police are looking into the posted photo. It’s not clear if this is a joke or an actual event that occurred. Police are contacting the website that displayed the photo to see if they can determine who posted it.

I like to think this was all some misguided joke. A child that young couldn’t be taking keg stands and chugging beer, could he? Even if that was the intention of these ASU tailgaters, they couldn’t be dumb enough to do it in front of strangers with cameras, right?

Wrong. And this picture is the proof.

To those of you responsible for this negligence, I urge you to give this kid a juice box and let him stay with a sitter for the next game. If he grows up and also attends ASU someday, then he’ll have plenty of chances for keg stands later, I assure you.


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