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For the Love of Katy

I “roar” every time I see Katy! (Taringa)

These days, few performers are as hot as Katy Perry. And where this California girl is concerned, the word “hot” applies in more ways than one.

I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous young woman. And despite liking Russell Brand, I have no idea what his problem is. He was lucky enough to marry Katy in 2010, but filed for divorce from her a mere 14 months later. Apparently they argued over starting a family and, as I understand it, he left because he didn’t want her “being the boss” of things.

What a dumb ass. She can boss me around any time!

Fortunately, this just means that Katy is available for smarter men to date—like singer/songwriter John Mayer, who’s had an on-again-off-again relationship with her since 2012.

He’s obviously no dumb ass. What happened to you, Russell?

At any rate, I decided to feature the lovely and talented Katy Perry in today’s post because, in my dreams, she happens across my article, loves it and immediately reaches out to me so we can start a friendship. Since I have a better chance of being appointed as the next Pope, though, I suppose I should be happy to have so many beautiful pictures of Katy to enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites, which I hope you appreciate as much as I do.

And if you are reading this, Katy, hit me up sometime. I’m no John Mayer, but I’m also no Russell Brand. Believe me.

Celebrities do good

Russell Brand Arthur Premier

Celebrities get a bad rap.

It doesn’t help that the news media always seems to focus on the most annoying of the bunch.

Lindsay Lohan gets hammered and crashes her car into a telephone pole.

Kim Kardashian tweets a new bikini shot of herself and accidentally reveals a nipple.

Justin Bieber prefers Pepsi to Coke and blondes to brunettes.

Who the hell cares?

Fortunately, not all celebrities are cut from the same cloth. Some are even cooler and more down-to-earth in reality than they are in film or television or pop culture. Take Russell Brand, for instance.

Two weeks ago, Brand encountered a shirtless, homeless man in Los Angeles, gave him a shirt and some water, and even drove him to an Alcoholics Anonymous class. This was quite a meaningful gesture considering Brand himself is a recovering alcoholic and frequent AA attendee.

But he didn’t stop there.

The Huffington Post just reported that yesterday, Brand was seen escorting a group of displaced people to breakfast near his west Hollywood home. He could have tossed them a few bucks or even called the police to remove them from his property, but instead Brand opted to feed them.

I love it when celebrities give something back or do something heroic for strangers. And Russell Brand isn’t the only “superstar” with such a good heart.

Tom Cruise December 2008

When he isn’t jumping on couches, practicing Scientology or breaking up with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise plays the role of real-life hero. He once rescued two car accident victims on an L.A. freeway and waited with them until help arrived. Then there was the time Cruise saved two young boys who got pinned against the wall at one of his movie premieres.

No matter where he is or what he’s doing, Tom Cruise is always ready to spring into action to help his fellow man. I think we can let him slide on the whole Scientology thing, can’t we?

Sean, All the King's Men Premiere

Sean Penn is another celebrity hero, despite being labeled as a “bad boy” early in his career. Regardless of the natural disaster, Penn finds a way to get involved and make a difference. He used a small boat to rescue hundreds of people after Hurricane Katrina. And in 2010, Penn traveled to Haiti to aid in the recovery of earthquake victims.

Bad boy, my ass. Sounds like a very good boy to me.

English: Harrison Ford at the Cannes film fest...

Harrison Ford was also in Haiti, only he was flying a helicopter and airlifting victims to safety. I always heard that my childhood idol, the man behind Han Solo and Indiana Jones, was kind of an ass in reality. A friend of mine once claimed that he witnessed Ford behaving badly in public, so I worried he might be a self-centered, arrogant jerk.

Granted, he might be. But Ford is also a hero, and not just for the Haiti thing. In the past, he has rescued stranded hikers and missing Boy Scouts.

If he wants to be an ass, so be it. I think he’s earned the right.

Celebrities get a bad rap. But if all celebs were like the ones mentioned here, I bet that would change really quickly.

Russell, Tom, Sean and Harrison… I salute you.


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