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Jimmy Hoffa found?

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man dying of cancer in Roseville, Michigan, recently told authorities that the body of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa might be buried beneath a driveway in suburban Detroit.

Hoffa disappeared more than 35 years ago under very mysterious circumstances, but his body was never found. And conspiracy theories about his ultimate demise abound. Was Hoffa murdered by mobsters and encased in the cement foundation of Giants Stadium? Was he dumped in a swamp? Dissolved in acid?

No one really knows. And none of these “leads” have ever panned out.

Is it possible this could change given this new discovery? Most law enforcement officials think not, but there is an investigation underway.

Last week, authorities used ground-penetrating radar on the site and discovered an anomaly in the soil below. This indicated that yes, the ground had been disturbed at some point. Soil samples are now being collected to determine if a decomposed body is buried there.

“We are not claiming it’s Jimmy Hoffa because the timeline doesn’t add up,” explained Roseville Police Chief James Berlin. “We’re investigating a body that may be at the location.”

Whether or not this is really Jimmy Hoffa’s burial place remains to be seen, but additional information should be available soon.

Jimmy Hoffa was last seen leaving a restaurant outside Detroit in July 1975 and getting into a car with a Teamsters boss and a mafia captain. The dying man who thinks Hoffa’s body is buried under that driveway said that he saw several men burying a large black bag in that location shortly after Hoffa’s disappearance.

Frame 352 from the film, alleged to depict a f...

Bigfoot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I hope this brings an end to the mystery surrounding Hoffa’s disappearance, I’m fairly certain he will never be found. It’s been 35 years and endless leads have been investigated, but still nothing has ever been found. Whoever disposed of his body did a thorough job and I seriously doubt they buried him under a driveway in suburbia.

Of course, I’ll still be waiting for the results of the investigation with great anticipation. And if it really is Hoffa, we can finally put his case to rest and focus on solving another mystery.

Watch out, Bigfoot, because you might be next!


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