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Your hair = a child’s happiness: A charge from Bald for Babes & Gnostic Bent

Hey everybody!

Here’s a post from that I STRONGLY URGE you to read. A friend of mine is trying to collect hair donations for Locks of Love by June 2013 and needs your help. For those of you unfamiliar with the organization, Locks of Love collects hair from donors and uses it to make wigs for financially disadvantaged children who lost their hair (e.g. from chemotherapy and so on). As we all know, body image is a huge issue in this country (and most of the world) and these kids face a lot of challenges through no fault of their own. Please consider helping them and start growing that hair today! I promise you won’t regret it!

A Year From Now, I’ll Be Bald…

… Join me?

So, many of you are familiar with the organization Locks of Love, the hair donation group that makes wigs for financially disadvantaged children who have lost their hair. What is not so commonly known is that June 1st is actually International Children’s Day… as well as my best friend, Erin’s birthday.
When Erin died suddenly in 2006, at the age of 29, she left behind a legacy of kindness and giving that I had only ever previously witnessed on news specials. Erin loved people. She loved making them happy, helping whomever she could, whenever she could. And as an organ donor, even in death she gave what she had to help others live better.
In the spirit of this remarkable woman who left us so far before her time, I would like to make a decidedly smaller donation that will help someone I may never meet. On June 1st 2013, I will be shaving off the hair I have been growing for the past four years, and donating it to Locks of Love.
“Why shave it instead of just cutting it all off?”, you may ask? Excellent question!
Honestly, I can only hope that I never have to experience what someone goes through when they lose their hair due to a medical condition…
..Once, while in Thailand, I met a wonderful woman – a young mother to two incredible, talented young girls, and a recent sufferer of alopecia. She’d shown me pictures of her long, blonde hair, and reminisced about how much she’d loved it. Then she told me how shocked she’d been when, in just 6 months, it was just gone. It was an experience I couldn’t begin to understand any more than I could know what it felt like to lose my big toe.
So I’m shaving my head because I don’t just want to give my hair, I want to stand in solidarity with the person who will receive it.
And I want you to stand with me. For the next year, I want those of you who are interested in being a hair donor to grow out your locks, and on International Children’s Day, 2013, give as much as you can to a child you may never meet.
Here’s a little information on what Locks of Love is looking for:  (General guidelines for a Locks of Love donation can be found here.)
  • The biggest thing to remember is, for hair they use themselves, the shortest layer of the donation must be 10 inches.
  • Shorter hair will also be taken, and Locks of Love will use it to help offset the cost of wig making.
  • Grey hair and coloured hair is okay, but only so long as it hasn’t been bleached first.

If you can’t or don’t want to make a hair donation, ask your friends and family if they might be interested instead. (Heck, ask them even if you are donating.)

Here at, those of you who want to donate can keep in contact with me and with one another if you like, and you can send in pictures and videos of your experience growing, cutting and (perhaps?) shaving your hair.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and thank you even more if you decide to help.
With love,

President Obama related to country’s first enslaved man | The Lookout – Yahoo! News

President Obama related to country’s first enslaved man | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

Here’s a pretty amazing story that I hope will help answer some questions about President Obama’s lineage.

Apparently, Obama is a descendent of John Punch, the first black African enslaved for life in 17th century America. Punch is his 11th great grandfather.

This means that our president and the first documented slave have a shared lineage.’s genealogist Joseph Shumway said that “John Punch was more than likely the genesis of legalized slavery in America. But after centuries of suffering, the Civil War, and decades of civil rights efforts, his 11th great grandson became the leader of the free world and the ultimate realization of the American Dream.”

Small world, huh?

Mitt Romney Spokesman Tells Reporters Kiss My … at Polish Holy Site – Yahoo! News

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Spokesman Tells Reporters Kiss My … at Polish Holy Site – Yahoo! News.

No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot avoid writing more about Mitt Romney and his international trip of gaffes and bad impressions.

The latest involves one of his spokesmen, who apparently told reporters following Romney through Poland to “kiss his ass” and “shove it.” And what prompted this reaction?

The reporters tried to ask Romney some questions. And they were standing behind a rope line as instructed.

Is there no end to the weirdness surrounding Mitt?

In Defense of Mr. Johnson

I am the male penis. But for the sake of this treatise, you can call me Mr. Johnson.

I’m coming to you today (no pun intended) to clear the air about some things. Lately, I feel like I’ve been getting a bad rap and it should come as no surprise that I am not very happy about it. And my partners, the Testicle Brothers, share my displeasure.

Before I address the issues—which include being blamed for controlling male behavior and facing charges of inappropriate arousal in public—I feel a little background is needed.

I am not here by choice and hope you know that I have better things to do than simply hanging around all day. However, I am an integral part of the male anatomy and feel it’s time I get my due consideration.

Yes, I am responsible for expelling liquid waste, which I can tell you is no picnic. Guys drink all kinds of weird stuff—from sports drinks and sodas to liquor and beer—so I spend a lot of time serving this function. Not only that, but I often find myself exposed in the weirdest of places, like parking garages and even public parks. And I’m expected to do my business here? Give me a break. You know I always get nervous when I’m outside the comfort of a nice, relaxing bathroom. And I prefer clean stalls, mind you, not those stand-up deals or troughs. Not to be particular, but I work better when there aren’t other penises around, you know? No offense to my bald brothers out there, but some of you are just plain scary!

On a more personal note, I would also like to express that yes, size does matter. Just don’t blame me if I’m smaller than you would like because there is nothing I can do about it. Sure, I have the blood pumped down here every so often and try to get you some length and girth, but I’m not a miracle worker. And if I’m small, it probably means you did something really bad in a previous life. I’m kidding!

Of course, there are steps you can take to make me bigger. I have a friend who gets vacuum pumped daily and he’s managed to add some girth. Yes, I prefer more intimate strategies—if you catch my drift… wink, wink (and yes, I can wink with one eye)—but a penis pump could be the answer. Hell, I even heard there’s some kind of surgery you can get to make me bigger. I don’t know any schlongs who have lived to tell about it, but I’m fairly certain there is some kind of procedure out there. Let your fingers do the walking and I’m sure you can find a doctor nearby. I would offer to help, but flipping through the yellow pages isn’t part of my skill set.

So back to the issues at hand. Word on the street is that some people—men included—blame me for controlling male behavior. They claim that I start making decisions and that brains basically stop working. What a ridiculous notion! Sure, I make my opinion known and have at least some influence over my man, but I can’t put words in his mouth or compel him to cheat on his mate. That’s all brain, I assure you. If I could control my guy, don’t you think he would have dispelled with the briefs and put me in boxers a long time ago? Please…

I also take offense to the idea that growing in awkward and public places is my fault. Once again, you can pin that one on the brain. If my guy didn’t notice some attractive woman and immediately fantasize about seeing her naked, then I wouldn’t even bother. But come on, I enjoy the sexy stuff, too. It’s about the only time I get real exercise—masturbating doesn’t count because honestly, there’s usually too much chafing to make it enjoyable—so I confess: I do pop up to take a look every so often. I’m sorry if this happens in a strange or public place, but what are you really going to do about it? Cut me off?

I suppose the message I’m trying to send is this: I aim to please. And in the cases of many of my pals, this isn’t limited to only women. However, I cannot sit idly by while my good name is dragged through the mud. Sure, I have my problems, but show me an organ that doesn’t? And if you’re not happy with my performance, why not treat me better? Stay in shape, eat well and give me the fuel I need to really perform for the ladies. Size matters, of course, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve—my man isn‘t circumcised—that aren’t limited by my dimensions. And remember what a wise man once said:

“It ain’t the size of the ship; it’s the motion of the ocean.”

Amen to that.

Romney comments at fundraiser irk Palestinians | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

Mitt Romney greets the crowd in Jerusalem, July 29, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)Romney comments at fundraiser irk Palestinians | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

I promise that I’m not throwing my hat into the political pundit ring or pushing any pro-Obama agenda, but doesn’t it seem as if Mitt Romney is traveling the world and pissing people off in every country he visits?

First, he became the object of ridicule in England after making some off-hand, thoughtless remarks about the Olympics. And now he’s angered Palestinians by suggesting “Israelis have been more economically successful because of their culture.”

And the other day, I heard a foreign commentator talking about how popular Obama is around the world, especially given the ineptitude of the president he replaced.

I’m no campaign manager, but if I were working for Romney, I would rein him in quickly and bring him back stateside. If he has any hope of winning the election in November, then he needs to convince people his foreign policy skills are sound.

And right now, I don’t think anyone is feeling it. Tighten up, Mitt!

Ryan Lochte falls short for second straight night and misses podium – Yahoo! Sports

Ryan Lochte falls short for second straight night and misses podium – Yahoo! Sports.

After taking the gold in the Men’s 400m Individual Medley earlier this week, American swimming sensation Ryan Lochte now seems to be fading a bit.

Yesterday, he fell short in the final leg of the Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay, but helped the USA grab the silver. And though gold is always better, silver is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Hell, any Olympic medal is an amazing achievement.

Today, however, Lochte’s journey took an unexpected turn. He competed in the final of the Men’s 200m Freestyle and instead of dominating, fell short again. Only this time it prevented him from making the podium.

Although I’m pulling for Lochte and know he will bounce back, I can’t help but wonder if his rumored attraction to fellow swimmer Blair Evans is actually a solid “hook up.” And if it is, could it be affecting his performance?

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?

Double Tragedy for Colorado Shooting Victim: Pregnant Mom Miscarries Days After Her 6-Year-Old Dies | Parenting – Yahoo! Shine

Double Tragedy for Colorado Shooting Victim: Pregnant Mom Miscarries Days After Her 6-Year-Old Dies | Parenting – Yahoo! Shine.

The tragedy of the Aurora movie theater massacre just won’t let up, and this particular story gives new meaning to the word “heartbreak.”

A week after losing her 6-year-old daughter in the massacre, 25-year-old Ashley Moser, who was critically wounded in the attack, just miscarried her unborn baby.

It hurts me to think that even if Ashley survives, her life will be in ruins and she will likely never recover from these deep emotional wounds. The thought of anything happening to my son crushes me, so I can only imagine what Ashley will face once she is finally released.

And when you consider the fact that she might also be paralyzed, things get even more sad.

I’m not a religious person, but I know Ashley and her family will be in my thoughts. And I strongly urge anyone out there praying for someone to add Ashley, her family and her poor daughters to their efforts.

It really does break my heart.

Olympic Shout-Outs: Missy Franklin edition

Missy Franklin won gold in 100 back just 14 minutes after qualifying for 200 free final | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports.

American teen swimming sensation Missy Franklin just took the gold in the Women’s 100m backstroke, her first individual final in London.

And all this happened within 14 minutes of qualifying for the 200m freestyle event!

I don’t know about you, but I find this achievement to be completely and indisputably amazing. And Missy is only 17 years old!

Great job, Missy!

Accused Colorado movie theater gunman charged with multiple counts of murder | The Lookout – Yahoo! News

Courtroom sketch of James Holmes (AP/Pool)Accused Colorado movie theater gunman charged with multiple counts of murder | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

James Holmes, the killer in the Aurora movie theater massacre, was just charged with two dozen counts of first-degree murder as well as more than 100 other violent offenses. This brings his grand total to 142.

Prosecutors have not yet decided if they will seek the death penalty in this case, but here’s hoping they do.

Yes, I am a liberal Democrat, but capital punishment is something I fully support. To me, if you take someone’s life in cold blood, then you should expect to sacrifice your own since let’s face it, that’s the only fair thing to do.

Granted, I don’t necessarily find it best to respond to one death by adding another, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. And when someone like Holmes so flagrantly disregards the lives of his victims and their loved ones, I certainly feel the death sentence is warranted.

Or should Holmes be forced to live with what he did? There are some pretty good arguments for that side, too. And I can see it’s appeal.

I’m very curious to see how this case plays out. And this seems like a pretty good start. We simply cannot allow people like this to walk among us. The world is a dangerous enough place already.

Dutch field hockey gains worldwide attention for reasons beyond field hockey PHOTO GALLERY | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports

Dutch field hockey gains worldwide attention for reasons beyond field hockey PHOTO GALLERY | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports.

I apologize if this comes off as sexist or superficial, but good gracious! Have you seen the Dutch field hockey team? These young ladies are causing quite a stir on the Olympic stage.

And they’re winning, too.

In their first match, they defeated my beloved Argentina 1-0 and are well on their way to defending their Olympic title. That’s right. These athletes are talented and beautiful. I don’t know what they’re eating in the Netherlands, but it’s obviously working.

The Associated PressI know nothing about field hockey and would definitely find it hard to follow at first. But I can tell you this:

I will be following it now. Go Dutch!

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