Bizarre birthday cakes

There are some great blogs and websites out there that feature strange and unusual cakes for all sorts of occasions, including Weird Cakes and Funny Cakes. But since I also found some freaky confections during a recent web search, I thought I might post some of my favorites here.

Please note that a number of these are either MATURE or DEMENTED, so I wouldn’t necessarily let your kids look them over!

I don’t know about you, but there are only a handful of these cakes I would even attempt to eat!

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  1. I want to zoom in, but I’m scared… Which part of the human man holding a teddy bear is a cake??

  2. Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

  3. I’m an amateur cake decorator, but never in my life would I make a cake for something like a miscarriage, nor would I include the whole birth process on the top of the cake. Those are cakes I’m not even sure I would eat. My mom used to do nudes and semi-nude cakes. Male, female, female virgins (yes, she would actually put a single cherry inside the cake near the genitals on that one…SMH), if you asked, she’d do it. Black, white, Asian… She had a gift.

  4. I would like that tire cake and have a screening of the movie “Rubber”. Also, that octopus is epic.

    • Octo is disturbing and looks far too real for me to find appetizing. Never seen “Rubber,” so I may have to check that out (sans tire cake). Take it easy, Impy!

      • “Rubber” is crazy, give it a watch! How can you not love a movie about a homicidal tire ;D

      • I totally will and now that you mention it, “Rubber” sounds a little familiar. I’ll take a gander soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. purpleowltree1234

    That guy in the diapers… the poops… that is quite nauseating! hahahaha! What a freaking lot of work. And the dead body laid out for viewing….!! Oh my goodness! My eyes have been opened. What the F? hahahah!
    And I was grossed out last time I was in the Philippines and saw a life-sized cradle and baby cake, for a christening. They were going to eat the baby…
    SOme people obviously have tremendous talent at cake decorating. But… ? 🙂

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