What’s wrong? You got a spider in your ear or something?

Doctors remove spider hiding in woman’s ear canal | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.

In the case of a woman in China recently, the answer to this question would be a resounding “yes.”

After noticing that the left side of her head had been itching for five days, she went to the hospital and doctors found the tiny arachnid relaxing in her ear canal. It apparently crawled in while she was sleeping.

A saline wash later, the spider was removed and the woman was returned to normal.

Even more frightening is the fact that all the warm weather and droughts recently have resulted in an increase in spiders and other bugs. I don’t know about you, but I might start sleeping with ear plugs.

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  1. I actually used to sleep in hoodies for fear of something crawling into my ear while I slept. Looks like I’ll need to break them out of hiding in the back of my closet.

  2. Wow, how is that even possible? Lol!

  3. Wow! Freaky!!
    My friend’s dad had an ant crawl in his ear when we lived in the Philippines, and it bit his eardrum. OW! It was the teensiest little black ant. Still hurt like hell, apparently.

  4. shhhhhhhhhhylocks…. one of my biggest fears & somebody actually lived it 😐

  5. ok seriously i cant go to bed til i found earplugs now! thanks for that, have a great day i am off to find somewhere that sells earplugs

  6. I quite like spiders, they’re more useful than people give them credit for.
    Really good at keeping annoying flies/midges etc out of rooms.

    Tarantulas feel odd but not unpleasant to hold, sort of like a gerbil with 8 legs.

  7. Auuuggghhh, I can’t even….spiders, SO GROSS!

  8. Hate creepy crawlies.A good soak in a tub of hot water with ears under should take care of it though and carefully applied Qtip,still nasty thought.

  9. That’s totally *shudders* I don’t do spiders. They are NOT cool. They are NOT friendly. They are just NASTY! Great, now my head is itching and I’m not gonna be able to sleep. I told my husband that I shouldn’t read this but that I was going to anyway. He asked, “Why?” A question I still don’t have the answer to. *shudders*

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