Deaf preschooler asked to change his name

School asks deaf preschooler to change his sign language name | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

Here’s a story that could go down in the “ridiculous beyond belief” file.

The Grand Island Public School system in Nebraska has asked a deaf preschooler to change his sign language name because it resembles a weapon and violates school policy.

Hunter Spanjer, 3, has registered his name with S.E.E. (Signing Exact English). When he signs it, the gesture vaguely resembles someone shooting two pistols, even though his fingers are crossed.

Come on. The kid’s name is “Hunter,” for goodness sake.

What’s worse is that other, non-deaf children can make the “real” gesture in school and not get caught unless a teacher sees them. By contrast, this represents Hunter’s identity. How can it be wrong?

School administrators are currently working on a solution with Hunter’s parents, but I tell you this: if I were his parents, I would have to sue the school. Maybe not for cash, which is in short supply in our educational system, but certainly for the right for Hunter to be himself.

After all, isn’t the poor child at enough of a disadvantage?

I sometimes have to shake my head and wonder about the world we’ve created for ourselves, my fellow humans. And I shake my head a lot!

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  1. Poor kid. that is awful.

  2. Once again, school admins are scary stupid. Why am I working towards teacher certification again?

  3. I cannot believe the stupidity of humans in power sometimes. All it would take would be one functioning brain to realise this is a ridiculous request from the school. I hope the parents sue the crap out of the school’s pants. Not necessarily financially, like you said. Just so Hunter and no other future kids will have to change their names.
    There was a baby Hunter in my mother’s group when I first had my baby. He’s gorgeous.Yay, Hunters!

  4. Unfortunately, schools are reducing their ability to be patient and understanding with special needs children. I have to go to my daughter school tomorrow because she has oral-motor sensory issues and requires a chewable necklace or bracelet to avoid biting or picking her hands until raw and bleeding and four separate teachers have told her not to chew it during class. It’s insane. She also has adhd and proprioceptive input dysfunction and misses recess almost daily because she cant sit still.

    Teacher have no patience and no proper training in how to handle children with special needs in the classroom. I hope, for Hunters sake, that his parents fight. It’s confusing enough to learn something one way and then have a teacher tell you its wrong or you can’t do it. These kids need guidance and support, not criticism.

  5. UN-believable! But schools frequently get extreme on this kind of stuff. So far it’s always taken court action or threat there of to get them to be reasonable… It’s a shame.

  6. What the hell? This is stupid. I am friends with the many people in the deaf community. For that matter I sign myself. I don’t like SEE for meany reasons but having him change his name is absurd.


    Lady or Not…Here I Come

  7. Reblogged this on Specter6 and commented:
    For the love… Evidently they don’t teach common sense to school administrators in Grand Island, Nebraska!

  8. World’s full of assholes,I’m not even surprised about this.

  9. ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS!!!! Is this NOT going to very confusing for this lil Hunter? come on the boy is 3 years old…he’ll be wondering, what on earth IS my name? Let the boy KEEP his name HUNTER!!!! that school system needs a swift kick in the pants

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