Free Sex Videos

Justin Lee getting busy!

Taiwan: Government Sends Fake Sexy E-Mail to Test Employees | NewsFeed |

Free sex videos.

That’s exactly what 1,000 government workers in Taiwan thought they were getting when they decided to open a mysterious email entitled “Justin Lee‘s sex videos, download it, quick.”

Justin Lee is some kind of public figure currently embroiled in a sex scandal.

Sadly, there were no sex videos to be had, only a message from their supervisors asking them to attend a two-hour class on information security.

This was nothing more than a test conducted by the New Taipei City Government to protect itself from Chinese hackers, who often use email to infiltrate databases and steal classified information.

I suppose the test was successful since so many employees now have to suffer through a boring class. They undoubtedly learned a valuable lesson: wait until you get home to look at sex videos, people.

And don’t forget to send me the link. I don’t know who this Justin Lee is, but he sounds delightful!

One more thing: This article is my reaction to an interesting news story, but it is also a test of its own. I chose the title “Free Sex Videos” because it relates to the story and also allows me to study the attention racy titles can bring to a blog. I envision all manner of horny dudes stumbling upon the site and leaving seconds later once they realize there are no sex videos to be found. And once I have some data to share, I’ll be sure to post it here. Thanks for contributing to my research!

DAY ONE RESULTS: I have to say that the first day of my “test” has been a huge disappointment. The post currently has 42 views and a total of 16 web search hits, most of which were terribly misspelled versions of “Free Sex Videos.” There’s still a chance it will take off because of the sexy title, I suppose. I’m just not very optimistic. Of course, I wrote a post about those topless photos of Duchess Kate Middleton that leaked out entitled “Royal Boobs” and it has more than 2,300 views in only five days, so it’s not an exact science.

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  1. You crack me up. Although, if it works, I may have to try it sometime.

  2. I think anything to do with sex is a normal attraction but I didn’t know the Chinese government scum bags would try to infiltrate their spy programs using this device of email. Live and learn although it’s is a security concern for companies, perhaps not for individuals.

  3. afterthekidsleave

    Experiment somewhat skewed by my ability to read the first sentence of the post on my WordPress reader. 😉
    But this is both sneaky and clever of the Taiwan govt. I like it.

  4. I am suprised I managed to read the whole post once I realized there were no videos 😉

    • That’s exactly what I was shooting for, Kara. Sorry for misleading you! LOL

      • ….so your next post WILL have sex tapes right, I mean really, how else are you supposed to keep readers interested! If you need me to I can do some research and supply you with some high quality suggestions- ha!

      • Ha! You know, I was about to tell you the same thing, Kara. I’m sure I can dig up some entertaining videos for you. And no, I won’t be in them, which simply means they’ll be good. LOL

      • Awww, homemade are the best kind hahaha, might not have the same publicity though as a celebrity sex scandal!

      • True. And I have been holding out for one of those. LOL

      • I’ve come up with about half a dozen replies to this ranging from “there is no way I would ever participate in such reprehensible and despicable behavior” to “let me send you a link to my weekly webcast” and then thought I better just stop while I am ahead 😉

      • That might be a wise decision, Kara. Just to be on the safe side. LOL

  5. Hilarious,don’t know where you find some of this stuff but that was very funny.People not interested in sex vids.will be in with the boss I guess.

  6. Love it… I can honestly the title is what dragged me to open it… Then I read on and learnt something valuable 🙂

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