Romney 1, Obama 0

Stop being fake! We know you hate each other!

Although I am a die-hard Democrat and plan to vote for President Obama in November, I must admit that Mitt Romney did a much better job during last night’s presidential debate.

Granted, both candidates talked in circles and repeated themselves endlessly, but Romney just seemed better prepared for the face-off. President Obama, on the other hand, seemed listless and even disinterested at times. He basically performed like most incumbents, which is not a good start.

I was a little discouraged by the lack of details offered by both candidates. Obama seemed to speak in abstracts, while Romney claimed he could reduce the deficit by lowering taxes and eliminating some deductions. Unfortunately, he never specified which deductions might end up on the chopping block.

I also wonder if Romney remained intentionally vague on the campaign trail just so he could surprise Obama with more specific stands on economic issues last night. If this is indeed the case, then Romney took a very big risk since entering the race. Fortunately for him, it paid off because the man we saw last night did not seem like the Mitt Romney we’ve come to know over the last year or two.

Of course, this might have been nothing more than a desperate candidate’s attempt to reconnect with a public he basically insulted during his notorious “47 percent” speech. Romney had a lot riding on this debate and definitely put everything on the line. This also paid off because everyone seems to think Romney bested Obama and rejuvenated his floundering campaign.

No matter how you slice it, Romney was the clear winner. And Obama better tighten up if he hopes to maintain his lead and remain in the White House.

It might not be a bad idea to start collecting some empty boxes, Mr. President. You might need them if Romney sends you packing.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves because once again, we have a real race on our hands!

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  1. Oh come on. Romney handed him his ass. Romney talked about what is happening in the real world, Obama did what he does best – vague generalities, catchphrases and spin.

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