Tastes like honey

The strangely colored confection (courtesy of Reuters/Vincent Kessler)

Bees in the Alsace region of France have started making honey that is blue and green. Unfortunately, the oddly colored confection is not for sale because technically, it isn’t really the same thing.

Near the apiaries of the Technicolor buzzers is a plant that processes the waste from a nearby Mars chocolate factory. Mars is the company that makes delicious and multicolored M&Ms candies.

As it turns out, the bees are bypassing wildflower nectar and going straight for the hard stuff, colored M&Ms sugar from the nearby plant. When they deposit this sugar back at the hive, it is processed and stored in a honeycomb, where it becomes honey. Well, sort of.

Nectar from flowers makes honey; colored sugar from candy makes something else altogether.

It tastes like honey, according to a local beekeeper, but even he’s not taking any chances. And the plant is now covering its waste so the honey should be back to normal soon.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a jar of blue or green honey for sale on E-Bay sometime soon !

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  1. This is hilarious! Who doesn’t like M&Ms 😉

  2. Very interesting! I would love to have a jar of M&M honey : )

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