Teen pregnancy leads to murder

14-year-old charged as adult in newborn's death

Cassidy Goodson (courtesy of Polk County Sheriff’s Department)

If ever there was a reason for more sexual education for our youth, it is this story.

Cassidy Goodson, 14, of Polk County, Florida, is accused of murdering her newborn baby and hiding the fetus in a shoebox. A grand jury indicted Goodson last week on charges of first-degree murder and child abuse, and she is going to be tried as an adult.

If convicted, the teenager could face life in prison.

On September 19, Goodson gave birth to a son in her bathroom, used scissors to pry him out and then choked the child until he died. She hid the fetus in a shoebox and buried it in some dirty clothes in her bedroom.

Goodson’s mother noticed some blood around the bathroom toilet and rushed her daughter to the hospital. During the visit, Goodson admitted to having a miscarriage and said she flushed the fetus earlier. Medical staff confirmed that Goodson showed signs of a miscarriage and she soon returned home.

Several days later, Goodson’s mom collected some laundry from her room, including a plastic bag filled with soiled clothing. When she sorted through the clothes, she discovered the fetus and immediately phoned her sister, who called the police.

An autopsy revealed that the baby was 9.5 pounds and was breathing until Goodson beat him with the scissors and choked the life out of him. When police asked why she did it, Goodson said she was “afraid her relationship with her parents would change.”

I suppose it’s too late to prevent that now, Cassidy.

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  1. Poor little girl.I feel so sorry for her.She must have endured terrible pain & all alone.She did an aweful thing but if she was that scared of her parents finding out she’d had a baby there must have been a reason.It’s tragic that she was that afraid.

    • I agree completely, doglady. It is very sad and I feel terrible that she’s being punished for something she likely doesn’t understand….

  2. What a fucking tragedy. It must have been terrible, doglady01. Why is this country so psychotic about sex, birth control rights, the whole lot of it? Where is the education in this country? Oh yeah– decades of patriarchal conservatism preaching that sex is immoral instead of teaching safety. I think that Wilhelm Reich (who was quite a controversial character & considered a modern day heretic; worth looking up) was onto something when he said that sexual repression was “Public Health Problem Number One and should be fought as vigorously as polio or cancer”. In other words, I really feel that those crazy, ingrained, prudish attitudes are at the root of awful happenings such as Cassidy Goodson’s case. Forgive me, I’ve gone on some random tangents here. Can you tell this is a sore spot for me?

  3. Thanks, Kara d. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That’s terrifying. I wish someone had told her about her options.

  5. This is why we need to educate our babies on they’re bodies. I don’t believe we should have sex before marriage. My life is a poster against it, but years of “abstinence only” sex education has done nothing but fail. Maybe we should start teaching them why abstinence is better for their bodies and their long term health and how to protect themselves IF the choice is to be made otherwise. I couldn’t imagine, being the mother to a daughter myself, NOT knowing my daughter was having sex, let alone that she was pregnant! My daughter was over nine pounds at birth, that’s not an easy delivery, how did no one notice she was “putting on weight”? My heart breaks all around. What was she so afraid of? Who is the baby’s father? And why can’t parents take the effort to talk to their own kids? This is one of the many areas parents should be the first line of defense and yet we keep leaving it up to a failing school system. Our kids need us! This didn’t have to happen. It just didn’t.

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