Candy cows

A cow

A cow with a sweet tooth (Photo credit: SocialRobot)

I ran across this story a few weeks ago, but thanks to the lovely and talented Kara at the blog “I just want to lay on a beach” for putting it back on my radar!

Like most of us, cattle farmers have been struggling during this down economy and have to find creative and cheaper ways to get things done. Given the record prices for corn feed, they are now turning to a different food source for our bovine friends: candy.

Since 2009, the price of corn feed has more than doubled. It now averages around $310 a ton. Fortunately, candy is far less expensive and can be purchased for roughly $160-240 a ton. I wouldn’t tell your kids about this, though.

Some of the candy being fed to these cows includes ice cream sprinkles, cookie pieces, gummy worms, chocolate bars and even hot chocolate mix. These foods are perfectly safe as long as they make up only a small percentage of the cows’ total nutrition. Aside from fattening the animals up and making cheeseburgers even more delicious, the candy also seems to increase milk production.

I guess this means you can dip your Oreo cookies into milk produced by cows that ate Oreos for dinner. How strange is that?

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  1. Hutterites in MB. get stale bread,buns,donuts,cake and bagals by the truck load and feed to livestock.I volunteered at Harvest years ago.Hutterites dropped off meat,picked up bread,etc.This helped everyone.

    • Sounds like an interesting experience…

      • Interesting,yes,hard work,sometimes.Unfortunately some of the people running it were taking advantage.Things like meat & butter would disapear before it got to the poor it was intended for.I’ve volunteered for a few charities and found that’s often the case.A lot of things aren’t the way they should be.Makes one disillusioned.I haven’t volunteered for anything for years.

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