Thursday night is all right!

couch potato

Couch potato time! (courtesy of TNooz)

If there were ever a contest for the best (or perhaps worst) couch potato, I would definitely be in the running. Given the state of the economy, I have very little money to spend on entertainment, so I rely heavily on television to escape the banality of my day-to-day life. Cable service isn’t cheap, mind you, but it’s basically all I have and I am totally fine with that.

Fortunately, tonight looks to be a great night of programming, so I can hardly wait to get home and plant my relatively non-existent rump on the sofa.

The “Main Event” is, of course, the vice presidential debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan. Centre College in Danville should be hopping as these guys take the stage to duke it out on the issues. They are also tasked with supporting their candidates, which should be no easy feat given the first presidential debate. Most people feel that Romney won, so Ryan has to maintain this momentum and will definitely feel the pressure. Even one mistake could be costly and I am anxious to see how he performs. Honestly, I know almost nothing about Ryan and hope to learn more tonight.

Biden has an even tougher “row to hoe” since President Obama gave such a lackluster performance in his first debate. I must admit to being extremely worried over what Biden might do or say. He is a skilled politician and a good guy, but we all know he has a tendency to say crazy, off-the-wall things sometimes. And I fear tonight will be no different. At the very least, this should make the debate even more entertaining.

Tonight also means new episodes of some of my favorite television shows, including “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.” On top of that, my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers will be facing off against the Tennessee Titans in Thursday night football on the NFL network. And they desperately need a win after barely squeaking by the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend.

Needless to say, Thursday night for me will involve a lot of channel surfing, some picture-in-picture action (so I can watch shows simultaneously) and a little bit of sports-related stress to boot. It should be an exciting night and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will!

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  1. Enjoy your Thursday viewing. My cable is on the fritz right now and even thought I’m not an avid viewer, because it’s out of action, all I want to do is watch tv! I guess I’m living vicariously through you 🙂

    • That works for me, Wendy, but I hate your television isn’t working. Personally, I get really peeved when this happens and my cable company likely has me on some sort of list of frequent complainers. LOL

      • afterthekidsleave

        I think SKY hates me, to be honest. We’ve only been here 6 months and we’re driving them nuts. Mind you, if they’d provide proper service, they wouldn’t hear a peep!

      • Exactly. That’s the problem I have, Wendy. I pay all this money every month and expect to get what I pay for. Sadly, my cable company doesn’t seem to feel the same, bunch of fools. LOL

  2. We have Shaw cable & never any problem with T.V. Internet cuts out sometimes but it’s wireless.Good movies on tonight,everything else I get on the .net with computer.Hope you had as much fun tonight as I did.

  3. Sorry your team lost.The upside to having no interest in sports is you don’t care who wins or loses,just if good movie is on.

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