School adds insult to injury

Expelled for being a rape victim (courtesy of Photo News)

SAS is a 14-year-old girl in Depok City, Indonesia. In September, she was kidnapped by a child trafficking ring and repeatedly gang raped for almost a week. Fortunately, increasing media attention frightened her captors and SAS was released.

SAS is obviously an acronym used to protect this poor young victim.

On Monday, SAS was expelled from her private school because she “tarnished the institution’s image” by being kidnapped and raped. As if that wasn’t bad enough, school officials announced her expulsion during an assembly attended by all students, teachers and staff.

Needless to say, SAS was devastated. She returned home in tears, and that’s when her parents took action. With a mediator, they visited the school and eventually convinced administrators to withdraw their daughter’s expulsion. She has since returned to school and with any luck will restore some normalcy to her troubled life.

Nothing surprises me any more and it is generally very difficult to offend me. However, stories like this incense me because ultimately, it’s the child that suffers. SAS was victimized in ways most of can never imagine. And what happens when she finally returns home and tries to move on with her life? Some jackass school administrators decide their image is more important than a student’s well-being.

I know this situation has been rectified. And I know nothing about the educational system in Indonesia. But if I were in charge, these administrators would undoubtedly lose their jobs. And I would ensure that they never worked in education again. After all, if you can’t trust your school, who can you trust?

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  1. This makes my stomach hurt. 😦

  2. Stupid,Ignorant Bastards.Wish I could go beat the crap out of all of them & burn their “school” To the ground.I AM SO MAD!!!

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