Cooked Like Tuna

bumble bee tuna

Bumble Bee Tuna. Or is it? (Photo credit: MBK (Marjie))

Why I focus on such strange and depressing stories, I’ll never know.

At a Bumble Bee Foods plant in Santa Fe Springs, California, a 62-year-old worker named Jose Melena was found cooked to death in a “steamer machine.” And no one knows how he got in there.

Bumble Bee is a name synonymous with tuna. And now poor Jose, I guess.

I’m just glad the steamer wasn’t connected to the canning machine!

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  1. Is that something you normally eat??

  2. OMG,that’s one of the worse things you’ve found yet.I’ll never eat canned tuna again,”and every time I feed the cat I’ll gag”.

  3. I’m really hungry right now, so I’ll eat pretty much anything, even Jose.

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