The Million Muppet March

Big Bird

Big Bird can kick your ass, MR (Photo credit: LR_PTY)

Not long into the first presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney vowed to cut non-essential items out of the budget, including subsidies to PBS.

“I like PBS,” Romney claimed. “I like Big Bird.”

The “Sesame Street” people were not happy about that. They were even less happy when Big Bird ended up in an Obama campaign commercial. And they demanded Obama stop running the ad immediately.

Now it looks like the Muppets are lashing out at the GOP candidate, too. On November 3, they will converge on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in the Million Muppet March. And Mitt Romney better watch his back, because Big Bird, Elmo and the rest of the Muppet gang are pissed!

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  1. Poor Romney,Big Bird will sit on him & squish him like the bug he is.

  2. curious– why so many links, national mall, wiki for Elmo, BigBird etc. does this increase search visibility for blogs. Would appreciate your insight.

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