Football star is all heart

St. Clairsville players Logan Thompson and Michael Ferns embrace following Thompson's emotional touchdown — USA Today/Gannett Media

Ferns and Thompson embrace after a heartwarming moment (courtesy of USA Today)

In a recent football game between St. Clairsville High School of Ohio and rival Richmond Edison High, star St. C running back and Michigan recruit Michael Ferns did something so selfless it may bring tears to your eyes.

Ferns broke a long run and had the end zone in sight, setting up his 12th touchdown of the season, when he suddenly stopped and walked out of bounds at the one-yard line. The crowd and even the referees were astonished, but Ferns’ teammates knew the deal.

Two days earlier, the father of fellow freshman player Logan Thompson passed away. Despite never carrying the ball for his team, he now got the chance to pay tribute to his departed dad.

Thompson and Ferns lined up in the backfield, but when the ball was snapped, it was Thompson who punched it in for the score. Ferns fell into a fullback position and provided the hole Thompson needed to cross the goal line and essentially secure the team’s victory.

If ever there were an example of true sportsmanship at work, this would have to be it. We often forget that sports aren’t just about winning, crushing the competition or securing financially-lucrative deals. They’re about teamwork and making sure the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Ferns obviously understood this. And thanks to his selfless act, his friend Thompson can take pride in knowing he scored one for his father. Here’s hoping there are many more to come.

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  1. This is the only good thing I’ve ever heard about that game,there is too much violence,& greed in most sports.I might get interested in sports if there were more decent people involved.

  2. As a Michigan fan, I hope to see Ferns in the Big Ten soon. He did an incredibly selfless thing, and it does sound like he is all heart. That’s the type of person I would want representing my school and my team if I had any say so. Too bad pro sports has few standout atheletes with this level of class nowadays.

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