A Real Sunburn

Use this if you want to get burned… literally!

USA Today just reported that Energizer Holdings, the maker of Banana Boat sunscreen products, is recalling 20 million units of its UltraMist spray suntan lotions. This includes UltraMist Ultra Defense, UltraMist Sport and UltraMist Kids.

Apparently, people who do not allow the spray lotion to dry run the risk of it catching fire if exposed to an open flame or spark. To date, five people have caught on fire after using the spray, four in the US and one in Canada.

Picture this: You are lying on the beach with your sweetheart, taking turns spraying each other with your new Banana Boat UltraMist. The sun is shining, the waves are lapping against the shoreline and life is good. After cracking open a fresh beer and sitting back to soak up some rays, you decide to light up a cigarette.

Whoosh! You suddenly burst into flames and by the time you make it to the water to extinguish the fire, you have more than a good suntan. You have third-degree burns, blisters and singed off hair.

Sounds like a great vacation to me. Thanks, Banana Boat.

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  1. Seriously? They didn’t test for flammability on an aerosol before mass producing it for the world!?!? I feel bad for the people who were caught unaware (and on fire). My son had second degree burns, as a result of not using enough son screen ironically, over the summer… Those burns are no fun.

  2. Forget the beach,go to the pool.Safer & don’t have to pay for sunscreen.

  3. I read about this, I think it was the very first case of being caught on fire while doing a BBQ after spraying the sun screen, you would have thought that they would have looked into this, wouldn’t you? Can’t believe it had to take more people to get burned for them to finally take action. I’d go bananas if I were these people!

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