Dumb Ass(es) of the Week, Vol. 2

Incest is best? (courtesy of Springfield Police)

This installment of the Dumb Ass of the Week comes to us from Springfield, Massachusetts. And rather than one dumb ass in the spotlight, we have the pleasure of welcoming two to the fold.

Robert and Amanda Larrivee are siblings who entered the bathroom at Samuel’s bar on Sunday night and tried to remove a television from the wall. A witness told the manager and employees immediately locked the bathroom door and alerted the authorities.

When officers arrived and confronted the brother and sister, they covered their tracks by claiming they weren’t stealing the television; they were having sex.

In Massachusetts, incest is a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Fortunately, the evidence pointed to theft and the Larrivees were instead charged with larceny. Robert added an additional charge when he tried to beat up a cop in the police station.

Congratulations on being recognized for your stupidity, Robert and Amanda!

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  1. Clearly they didn’t know that incest carried a heavier sentence or they would have blamed the ghost in the next stall… Seriously though, who’s idea was it to fake incest? I mean, that’s a deep psychological mind-f&%$ to be sitting in jail thinking “Why did my brother say we were having sex?” I wouldn’t want to sit next to him at Thanksgiving dinner. (assuming, of course, that it was indeed his idea.)

  2. Who knows,if they’re that stupid maybe they were killing 2 birds with 1 stone,T.V. & sex.

  3. A T.V. in the bathroom?

  4. Those of us with a law enforcement background truly appreciate these kinds of folks they make our jobs sooooo much easier…. 2 dolts claiming incest in hopes of dodging a larceny charge… I seen people try worse for less,,,, Great Post! 🙂

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