Scared as Sh-t

William Liddel Punching Cops

William Liddell messed himself (courtesy of the Huffington Post)

On Tuesday afternoon, William Liddell of Golden Gate, Florida, was seen smashing a car with his van and immediately fleeing the scene. Witnesses contacted police, who caught up with Liddell soon after.

As an officer approached Liddell’s van, he heard the driver say what sounded like “oh shit.” The officer drew closer until the van suddenly shifted into reverse and Liddell’s fist flew from the window and struck him in the face. A fight ensued until backup arrived and Liddell could be wrestled to the ground.

Once Liddell was detained, one of the officers started photographing his injuries. That’s when he made a disgusting discovery: Liddell had crapped in his pants.

Whether Liddell’s exclamation of “oh shit” referred to his impending arrest or the hot, stinky load in his drawers has yet to be determined.

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