Trump Blows the Election Wide Open

Trying to Trump Obama (courtesy of Hero Decks)

Earlier this week, real estate mogul and all-around weird guy Donald Trump claimed he would make an announcement Wednesday that would blow the 2012 presidential election wide open.

Today, Trump kept his promise. Well, sort of.

It is true that Trump made an announcement today. Did it shake up the election to come? Hardly. If anything, I would describe his “revelation” as anti-climactic at best.

The shaggy-haired Don has asked President Obama to release both his passport and his college records. If he does so, then Trump will donate $5 million to any charity Obama desires.

As it stands, Trump credits himself with pressuring Obama to release his birth certificate not too long ago. If only that were enough to satisfy King Donald or the public he claims still thirsts for information about their president.

After hearing Trump’s absurd and disappointing announcement, it took me a brief while to figure out his angle. At first, I just thought he finally lost his mind. This successful yet annoying nit-wit considered running for president, harassed the current leader of the Free World, threw his support behind the GOP challenger and then started harassing Obama again. And now I know why.

Since Trump is supporting Romney, I started asking myself the same question over and over again: What does The Don stand to gain from all this recent nonsense? Put another way: How is this supposed to help propel Romney into the White House?

It’s possible that Trump is simply trying to distract President Obama during these crucial few weeks before the election, but that seems unlikely. We all know how focused and determined Barack can be, so I doubt anyone could distract him at this point in the race. And I’m certain Trump knows this, too.

Grinning Obama caricatureAnother possibility is that Trump hates Obama and wants to drag his name through the mud as much as he can. He doesn’t care about helping Romney as much as he does about hurting the President. Asking Obama to release more information about himself, knowing full well he will refuse, is Trump’s way of making the Prez look unreasonable, resistant and petty. If Obama can’t compromise now, how can we expect him to compromise with Republicans later?

Seems kind of obvious and desperate if you ask me, but that’s likely because it’s wrong. And Trump trying to distract Obama is wrong, too. Hear me out.

This would sound really dumb if it didn’t involve Donald Trump, who we all expect to act like a jackass, but I believe this whole announcement farce was nothing more than Don trying to give Obama a taste of his own medicine. And believe me. Nothing could be more petty.

Throughout this presidential campaign, President Obama and others have asked, urged, begged and pressured Mitt Romney to release his past tax returns. Mitt obliged, but only released the past few years. And he hasn’t budged since.

Trump must want Obama to walk in Mitt’s shoes for a change. He harassed the hell out of him for a birth certificate and eventually got his way. So now Trump is pushing harder to see if Obama will cave or stand his ground. If he weakens, then Romney may have just the edge he needs; but if Obama stands firm, then at least another seed of doubt has been planted in the public’s minds.

Is it possible that Big Don is smarter than I give him credit for?

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  1. I think, regardless of political affiliation, POTUS should be an open book. We are not accountable to him, he is accountable to us. We are the people who put him in office, whether by majority vote or electoral college. I believe POTUS, regardless of policies, politics or likeability, should be responsible to the people for everything. Same with Congress, we elected them and this government is designed to be “OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people” We vote from a choice of our own citizens to conduct worldly business and make policy on our behalf. They should have a responsibility and obligation to answer to the citizens they claim to represent.

    On another note, I think Trump is just a jerk. Not that what he does matters to me at this point, I already voted 😛

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