The Cannibal Cop

Valle having lunch with a woman he probably wanted to EAT for lunch (courtesy of Facebook)

Gilbert Valle is a New York City police officer who used a law enforcement database to track up to 100 unsuspecting women. But his motive wasn’t to protect them, date them or rape them; it was to eat them.

Acting on a tip from Valle’s estranged wife, authorities checked him out and discovered some very disturbing, nasty things. Where other men might fantasize about having sex with women, Valle fantasized about cannibalizing them. Not only that, but he had detailed plans and seemed to ready to act, so police moved in and arrested him.

Valle has now been charged with unauthorized use of law enforcement records and kidnapping conspiracy. If convicted, he could be facing life.

Fortunately, none of the women Valle stalked were harmed, but one actually went out to lunch with him once. In a document found on Valle’s computer, “Abducting and Cooking (Victim 1): A Blueprint,” he describes his desire to cook the same woman slowly while she is still alive. Valle also lists the materials he’ll need, including chloroform he can produce at home, and writes that “her days are numbered.”

I cannot imagine how relieved this woman must be now that this psychopath has been caught.

Online, Valle frequented fetish websites and chat rooms and apparently, he could not shut up. He talked about trying to fit a woman’s body into a stove, which would require her legs to be bent, and even mentioned how a woman he knew looked delicious. Valle’s lawyer tried to spin this as some kind of deviant sexual fantasy, all bark and no bite, but it obviously raised some red flags with the cops. When Valle started getting close to implementing some of his grotesque plans, the police finally took action and apprehended him.

This is great news because Valle also offered to kidnap a woman for someone else, who would pay $5000 for the service. A consummate professional, Valle offered to deliver the woman purely, meaning he wouldn’t rape her first. He even described how he would knock her out, bind and gag her, shove her into some luggage and transport her through town.

Valle even had a woman in mind and made cell phone calls from the street where she lives. I suppose she should consider herself extremely lucky, too.

The good news is that Valle never got the chance to carry out his bizarre and evil plans. He is under lock and key, awaiting his trial and the inevitable punishment to follow. And if we’re all lucky, he will never taste freedom again… or human flesh, for that matter.

If you can’t trust the cops, then who can you trust?

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  1. Sometimes, even I am left speechless. My guess is that “Victim #1” probably wont be going out to lunch with strange men for a while. How disturbing.

  2. This is a lesson to all women,NEVER! agree to meet some guy you’ve been talking to on the .net,that sick bastard should be euthenized.

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