Bullies Strike Again

Tragic: Felicia Garcia, 15, pictured, leaped to her death at around 3.15pm on Wednesday at the Huguenot Staten Island Railway station platform

15-year-old Felicia Garcia (courtesy of Instagram)

In the past few years, stories about bullying and its tragic effects have saturated news sources and alerted us all to a growing and terrifying trend. Our youth face a number of challenges as they struggle to grow and to establish their personal identities. But none of these challenges compare to the pressures applied by their own peers. And bullies represent the worst of the worst, as the following tale further illustrates.

Felicia Garcia, 15, was a Tottenville High School student in Staten Island, New York. She was also an orphan, having lived most of her life within the foster care system.

Living without parents is hard enough and can obviously cause emotional issues of its own. But Garcia also faced bullying at school, mostly from football players, and had for some time.

Last Friday, Tottenville High finally beat an arch rival and the party started. Garcia attended a wild celebration and for some reason, entered into group sex with at least four of the victorious players. It is not known if this was forced upon her, but several of the players involved later claimed it was consensual.

As is usually the case, a video of the sex act was posted online and before long, everyone at Tottenville High knew about it. And the bullying that Garcia normally experienced kicked into high gear. Two students were particularly cruel and branded Garcia a slut, teasing her at every turn and making her life even more of a living hell.

School administrators heard about the bullying and arranged a meeting between Garcia and her two tormentors. One of the boys denied everything while the other didn’t even bother to show. Of course, he immediately started bullying Garcia again when they returned to school.

	Felicia Garcia is shown in this Facebook photo. Garcia, 15, jumped as the train arrived at the Huguenot station on Huguenot Ave., Staten Island on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2102. The platform was packed with nearly 200 students, witnesses said.Later that same day, school dismissed and kids started heading for the Huguenot Staten Island Railway to catch the train home. Among them was Garcia, who joined them all on the station platform.

At 3:15 p.m., Garcia stood sobbing, placed her book bag on the ground beside her and fell backwards to her death in front of her classmates. She was rushed to Staten Island University Hospital, but it was too late. Felicia Garcia was pronounced dead shortly before 5 p.m.

Today, the two 17-year-old boys who allegedly bullied Garcia were suspended from school, but no football players have yet been found to have played a role in taunting the young victim.

And I bet they won’t, either. True justice is nearly impossible to find in cases like this. Not that it matters since another young life has already been lost. The tragedies just never seem to end…

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  1. That’s a shame, it’s also a bellweather for what this country seems to be heading towards and in some cases has already arrived at. People seem to have lost the value of life, they hold anyone and everyone in contempt and as something to be ridiculed when they don’t conform to their own idealized superiority.

    • That is definitely true, Marty. I also think we need to teach our kids to better withstand bullying. The more we empower these cruel people, the more damage they can do…

      • I agree Mars, but that also brings up another issue, that so many parents these days are absent in their kids lives, with jobs that require an inordinate amount of time most people work 50+ hours a week now and the need to keep roofs over their heads, food on the table and their own life issues, sadly leaves little time to spend with their children. In some cases like the Felicia, they’re absent altogether which like the story points out creates even more problems for kids to deal with alone.

  2. Humans are the most vicious animals on earth,and seem to be born that way.It makes me feel I’d like to be surrounded by 4 legged animals & never see another human.So many really nasty humans.

  3. This is why we embrace the weird at our house. To avoid bullies, we tease each other with words like “weird” or “goofy”. We embrace that we are different and that to each other and other people we are going to be weird simply because we are different. We love each other for our “weirdness” and my son, who is barely three and a half, made the statement the other day “I’m not silly, I’m weird.!” and ran off giggling. 🙂 I was so proud of him. If we start by loving ourselves, no matter what someone else says, we will still embrace the weird and love our own uniqueness. This was something I always struggled with, still do, but I wanted to break the cycle with my kids. They love themselves just as they are, and I can only hope they continue to do so as they get older. Loving yourself really is the best way to fight a bully.

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