Something in the Air


Marijuana (Photo credit: warrantedarrest)

According to a recent study by Italy’s Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, the air of eight Italian cities contain trace amounts of the psychoactive drugs cocaine and marijuana. They are Florence, Naples, Palermo, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Verona and Rome.

Yes, Italy is the place to be if you want to get drunk on great wine, fat on amazing food and high on intoxicating air!

Well, not really. The amounts are too small to produce any physical effects, and only large enough to be measured by very sensitive instruments.

But just in case you’re interested, this highest concentration of air drugs were found in Turin; Palermo had the least. For marijuana, Florence has the edge, especially during the winter months when levels tend to spike.

Call your travel agent today to book your next vacation there!

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  1. Bye Bye,I’m off to Italy,I’ll try to bring back some air……smiley

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