Trouble on the High Seas

HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty (Photo credit: Bob from Caledon)

A replica of the HMS Bounty, the ship famous for a 1789 mutiny led by acting lieutenant Fletcher Christian, set sail from Connecticut last week for St. Petersburg, Florida. The vessel, which has appeared in such films as “Mutiny on the Bounty” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” makes frequent trips along America’s east coast to offer spectators a glimpse into maritime history.

Today, the crew sailing the ship almost made maritime history of their own.

A distress signal was sent from the Bounty late Sunday after crew members reported it taking on water and were forced to abandon ship in several lifeboats. Two Coast Guard helicopters rescued 14 people, but a search for two others is still underway.

Thus far, no one knows why the ship and its crew decided to embark on a journey that would inevitably take them through Hurricane Sandy, one of the largest storms to ever hit the United States. And now the historic replica is just floating near Hatteras, North Carolina, surrounded by rough seas and strong winds.

Here’s hoping it can still be salvaged once Sandy has passed it by.

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  1. Indeed, two are missing… which would be the greatest loss of all.

  2. Was everyone on board deaf & blind? How could they not know about Sandy? It seems really strange they would go out in that.Can’t believe how really stupid so many people are.

  3. One found dead,a woman,not sure,think Captain is still missing.

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