Return to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

George passes the torch…er… lightsaber

It’s official!

Disney just purchased George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm for the hefty price of just over $4 billion in cash and stock. After three decades, the creator of “Star Wars” is stepping down and allowing Mickey and his friends to take the helm.

What does this mean for fans of the most successful science-fiction franchise in film history, you ask?

A lot.

Shortly after the deal went through, Disney announced plans for a final “Star Wars” trilogy to begin with Episode 7 in 2015, followed by the final installments every two or three years. Of course, there will also be “Star Wars” rides and attractions at Disney theme parks, but those are more for the kids than old timers like me.

Having grown up with the original “Star Wars” trilogy, beginning with Episode 4: A New Hope, it was initially hard for me to stomach the pre-trilogy that followed. Jar-Jar Binks was annoying, the kid who played young Anakin couldn’t act, and the reliance on computer graphics flew in the face of everything “Star Wars” stood for. The word “sacrilegious” came to mind because to me and millions of others, “Star Wars” was our religion.

Of course, the pre-trilogy grew on me over time, especially since it helped introduce my son to the “Star Wars” universe. And each of the first three films had their high points: the battle with Darth Maul, the Jedi showdown on Geonosis and the transformation of Anakin Skywalker into the evil Darth Vader, to name a few. It also helped that some of the casting was spot on. Ewan McGregor was the perfect Obi-Wan Kenobi, and you will never hear me complain about Natalie Portman running around in a skin-tight, white outfit!

Darth Vader in the Magic Kingdom? (courtesy of Jesus Diaz/Gizmodo)

Now it looks like three more “Star Wars” films are in the hopper, and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Casting will be a challenge since all the original stars, like Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, are too old to resume their original roles. I suppose they could play elderly versions of their characters, but some new blood is likely needed.

The plot of the new films is also a big question mark. Sadly, I never read all the “Star Wars” books and have no idea what the future will bring. It’s probably safe to assume that the Empire will rise again and a new group of heroes will have to stave them off. Will the new Jedis be the offspring of Han and Leia? Will Luke now reign as Supreme Jedi Master? Is it possible Chewbacca’s kids will be thrown into the mix?

Who knows?

The important thing is this: “Star Wars” is coming back to life. And whether the new films are great, terrible or even mediocre, I know one thing for certain: I will be sitting in that theater to judge for myself.

Start the countdown, “Star Wars” peeps! Only two and a half years to go!

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  1. I am hoping they do the stories of Han & Leia’s children or the story of Prince Xizor. But, a movie starring Goofy as Lord Vader would also be pretty epic.

  2. My alarm is set. I am Iso ready … I just hope to god that it stands up in its big shoes. I really wasn’t impressed with the pre-trilogy at all.

  3. All the speculation of Disney wrecking Stars Wars won’t matter to them, the money will be made regardless. I am sure I will be ‘forced’ to watch any new movies as I have a 5 yr old Star Wars junkie on my hands, hopefully Disney can do them justice, or at least not completely destroy what could be amazing.

    • I’m hoping the same thing because my five-year-old is a Star Wars nut, too… just like his old man. Money talks, of course, but let’s hope it pays off for the fans, too. 🙂

  4. I’m right there with ya, I grew up with the original trilogy, had all the toys, etc. etc. I’m just glad Lucas won’t be involved in the next three (he claims he’d only be a “consultant”), so as long as he doesn’t direct them, write the dialogue for, or have a hand in the over-the-top special effects, I’ll be interested to see what Episodes 7-9 will involve.

    • Same here, navy. The original trilogy was so good and I have such fond memories, especially of those awesome action figures. I hope this new trilogy lives up to it more than the pre-trilogy…

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