Leopard Likes People

Young leopard charging. Photo taken at Rhino a...

A leopard stalks its prey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Baitadi district of Nepal, just west of Kathmandu, 15 people have been killed in 15 months by what appears to be a man-eating leopard. Authorities even suspect that two such animals may be involved, although such a scenario would be even more rare than finding one large cat with a taste for human blood.

The latest victim was a 4-year-old boy who was attacked and dragged into the jungle to be devoured. Only his head was recovered not far from his home.

Police chief Kamal Kharel fears that more deaths can be attributed to this blood-thirsty beast since a neighboring district has experienced extensive leopard attacks, too. “It could be the same leopard,” he said.

Thus far, most of the victims have been children under the age of 10, but some older children and even one adult have fallen victim to the vicious killer. Apparently, children are easier to eat, with the exception of their heads, of course.

A reward has been offered to anyone who kills this ferocious animal, even though the law normally forbids the killing of any wild animal. Given the extreme nature of this case, the law will simply need to be broken.

If anything ever made me feel fortunate for living in an area where the wildest animals I encounter are birds, deer and squirrels, it is this story. After all, I have never heard of a crow or hawk developing a taste for human blood, but I suppose anything’s possible.

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  1. This is one post where -to Like or not to Like- is a BIG question. I like leopard but this news is absolutely sad. I don’t want this leopard to be killed but I don’t want people being killed by it either. Highly dilemma-tic!!! 😦

    • I couldn’t agree more, s1ngal. The leopard is just reacting to humans infringing on its natural habitat. And once it tastes human blood, instinct takes over. It really isn’t the leopard’s fault.

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