Sausage in the Locker Room


Locker room

What you might expect to see in a women’s locker room (Photo credit: y-cart)

Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, is under fire for allowing a 45-year-old transgender student to use the women’s locker room. The student identifies as a woman, but has male genitalia.

That’s right. There is sausage in the locker room, for lack of a better term.

Parents are upset because the locker room and surrounding facilities are used by a high school swim club and a children’s swim academy. And one 17-year-old girl has already been traumatized by the “unexpected dangler.” Her mother filed a police report shortly after the indecent exposure.

Unfortunately, the college’s hands are tied since state law forbids discrimination based on issues of gender identity. And the sausage in question continues to drift freely through the sauna, the showers and every other corner of the locker room.

Privacy curtains are going to be installed, according to college officials, but that’s about it. So for now, it looks like parents simply need to explain to their kids how someone who looks like a woman could possess a twig and berries.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!

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  1. You would hope the transgender in question would have a little tact and respect and maybe not dangle her…umm his..unit all around. I just wrote a blog post last week on having ‘the talk’ I know it is hard enough without having to throw all the differences in there. I’m open to people choosing whatever lifestyle they want, gay, straight, transgendered etc. but there is no need to flaunt it no matter what your choice.

    • I agree some that some tact would be nice, Kara. Granted, a 17-year-old girl has likely seen a wiener before, just not on a “woman.” No doubt it freaked her out. LOL

      I hope “the talk” went well, but will be heading over to the blog to read for myself soon. šŸ™‚

  2. That is just plain WRONG! If we had a daughter in that school I would pull her out no matter what the law says.Things have gone too far when stuff like that can happen,and this guy is 45? I think he’s a pervert who just found a way to satisfy his perversion.I know what my husband would do if that was our daughter.The human species is degenerating rapidly & things like that need to be stopped.

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