No Escape from Justice

James Washington busted (courtesy of WKRN-TV Nashville)

In July 1995, the body of Joyce Goodener was discovered in a Nashville, Tennessee home. She had been beaten to death with a cinder block, stabbed in the neck repeatedly and set on fire. And for more than a decade, her killer was never found.

That all changed in 2009.

James Washington was a person of interest in the case, but there was no solid evidence to link him to this heinous crime and it appeared as if the case would turn cold.

Then Washington suffered a heart attack while in jail for an unrelated crime. Believing that he was dying, Washington asked guard James Tomlinson to hear his confession. And that’s when he came clean about Goodener’s brutal murder.

“I have something to tell you,” he told Tomlinson. “I killed somebody. I beat her to death.”

As luck would have it, Washington survived his heart attack and immediately tried to recant his confession, but it was too late. He was later tried and convicted of the 1995 murder and will spend the next 51 years (basically the rest of his life) in prison.

Criminals beware! Justice will find you in this life or the next, so you better watch out and start flying the straight and narrow before it’s too late!

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  1. Too bad they won’t fry him,nasty ****

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