The Abuse of Power

Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair in Afghanistan in 2011.

Don’t turn your back on this guy (courtesy of the US Defense Department)

Few things upset me more than people who abuse the power we bestow upon them and consider themselves to be above the law. So this story from my home state of North Carolina strikes far too close to home.

Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair, a veteran of five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been accused of some very disturbing behavior, including sexual misconduct. His victims include two female captains, a lieutenant, a major and even a civilian woman. And his alleged crimes have occurred all over the world.

Apparently, Sinclair is accused of groping and making demeaning comments about women, possessing contraband materials like alcohol and pornography while deployed, violating direct orders and, most shockingly, forcing sodomy on his subordinates.

All of these are horribly offensive, of course, but Sinclair’s arrogance only makes things worse. In one particular instance, he threatened a woman and her family if she ever told on him. “I’m a general. I’ll do whatever the f–k I want.”

How does the saying go? Absolute power corrupts absolutely?

Nothing could be more correct in the case of General Sinclair. And here’s hoping he spends an appropriate amount of time in the brig, thinking about what he’s done and wondering where all that power went once he’s been stripped of his rank.

And behind bars, perhaps he will finally learn what forced sodomy truly feels like.

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  1. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at this.Things like that happen all the time.The unusual thing is that we found out about it.I’ve overheard some nasty stuff.I had 3 uncles in the second world war & a friend who was in Vietnam.That kind of behaviour is common with soldiers who think they can get away with it.Stopping war is the only way to stop creating monsters.

  2. This not only upsets me but also scares the sh** outta me. When people, who we are supposed to turn to for help, misuse their authority… it’s just inhuman and pathetic. Besides, it’s even more pathetic because these things happen almost ALL THE TIME :sigh:

  3. This guy shouldn’t have been in charge of a Mickey D’s, let alone a military command. I don’t know if they split prisoners up in Leavenworth according to rank, but hopefully his rank, benefits, and everything else will be stripped from him and he’ll rot there for a very long time. The brass need to make an example of him.

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