Protection from Bullies

Chy and her “boys” (courtesy of DAVE KNOER/K-KAMERA.COM)

Looking for a quick pick-me-up to fill your heart with joy and inspiration? Then look no further.

16-year-old Chy Johnson is a freshman at Queen Creek High School in Arizona who also suffers from a brain disorder. As you might imagine, this immediately made her a target for bullies, some of whom would even throw trash on her in the cafeteria.

After the bullying escalated, Chy’s mother grew very concerned and decided to reach out to senior Carson Jones, a boy she only knew through a shared social connection. She had no idea at the time, but Carson is the starting quarterback for the school’s football team and a member of the cool and popular “in crowd.” She asked Carson to look out for Chy and never expected what would happen next.

In a truly unselfish act, Carson took it upon himself to protect Chy and even enlisted the aid of several teammates. They eat lunch with her every day and even surround her as she walks down the halls to class. And thanks to their efforts, the bullying has stopped.

Once you’re part of the cool clique, people generally leave you alone, as many of us know.

Chy was completely floored by the kindness of Carson and his fellow players. And she couldn’t be happier that the bullying has finally ended. “They’re not mean to me because all my boys love me,” she told a reporter from the website AZFamily. “So much.”

Senior Tucker Workman described it this way: “It feels good to know that we helped someone else, because you know, we’re doing good. Everything for us is going well, but someone else needs to feel good, too.”

I wish there were more young men like Carson, Tucker and their friends out there. Bullies wouldn’t stand a chance and perhaps our young people could focus on more important things… like enjoying their youth!

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  1. Those wonderful boys deserve a medal for helping that poor,handicapped girl.Any woman would be proud to have one of them for a son.

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