Obama and Romney Born Again!

Millicent Owuor has named her twins Barack Obama & Mitt Romney (© Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

Babies Barack and Mitt (courtesy of MSN)

At first glance, the title of this article may cause you to picture Barack and Mitt standing in a river, white robes flowing, waiting for a minister to dunk them in the cool water and baptize them.

Such is not the case.

What I’m actually referring to is a recent development in the country where Obama’s father was born, Kenya.

Wednesday morning, 20-year-old Millicent Owuor gave birth to twins close to the village of Kogelo in south-west Kenya. Kogelo is the actual village where Obama’s father was born.

For whatever reason, Owuor decided to name her twins after the presidential candidates. She now has Barack Obama Owuor (BOO) and Mitt Romney Owuor (I can’t think of a good nickname for him since Mitt serves the purpose).

Reuters reported that a number of babies born at the same hospital were named Obama, but this is the first Romney baby to be born in Kenya.

I wonder how Mitt would feel knowing his namesake is a young African boy?

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  1. Poor babies,it’s terrible the things some parents do to their children.Some of the kids might like it,but I bet most of them won’t,and who knows what will happen in politics by the time those babies grow up.

  2. That’s what I was talking about.Naming babies after politicians doesn’t seem like a good idea unless they want to name them after long dead whose reputations are sterling.

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