Men Behaving Badly

David H. Petraeus

David H. Petraeus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it possible that in addition to the meningitis outbreak, there is a second outbreak of some mystery virus that makes men behave like total jackasses? Case in point: CIA Director David Petraeus.

The current leader of America’s premier spy agency and former commander of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan shocked the nation on Friday when he suddenly resigned, citing an extramarital affair as his reason and bringing to an end a decorated career in national security.

“After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment,” Petraeus said. “Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours.”

Petraeus offered his resignation to President Obama on Friday afternoon, who graciously accepted it and thanked him for his “extraordinary service to the United States for decades.”

This news comes less than a week after another “leader” began a military hearing on charges of wrongful sexual conduct, engagement in inappropriate relationships and forcible sodomy.

Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair allegedly abused as many as five women, forcing several to have sex with him and even threatening to kill one of his victims if she ever mentioned the abuse. Sinclair used his power to intimidate female subordinates and now faces a court martial if convicted, not to mention significant prison time.

One week. Two generals. What in the hell is going on with our military heroes?

Of course, even civilian men seem to be losing their minds.

In Culver City, California, a 20-year-old man raped a mentally disabled woman on a public bus in broad daylight.

English: I took this picture in Fort Worth wit...

Would you like sausage with that? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A former assistant of Waffle House CEO Joseph Rogers Jr. just accused him of numerous “sexual improprieties.” She claimed that Rogers made her strip in front of him and forced her to give him hand jobs, to name a few.

Something is going on with men lately and if I were a woman, I would be very, very careful out there. You just never know who you can really trust.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Holly Petraeus!

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  1. It does make you wonder if there really is some sort of virus going on with this type of behavior, doesn’t it? And what’s with that broad daylight maniac??? Just terrible!

    (catching up with your posts now, heheh, hope you’re all good Mr Scott!)

  2. Maybe it’s something in the water … or have I been watching too many episodes of Supernatural again? hmmmm ….

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