Worst Chiropractor Ever

Greg Summers Chiropractor

Greg Summers with his mullet nearly visible (courtesy of Summers Chiropractic/Facebook)

The best chiropractor is one who knows his clients’ specific needs, serves them in a professional manner, keeps costs low and maybe even throws in something extra for free. A key chain, perhaps. Maybe a bumper sticker.

No one does “special service” better than Greg Summers of Summers Chiropractic and Massage in Federal Way, Washington. In addition to the usual rubbing and knuckle-cracking, he offers “intravaginal massage.” At least that’s what he told three female patients before inserting his fingers into their hoo-has.

Summers claimed that the “invasion of their personal body space” would benefit the women. He said it would prevent the formation of scar tissue and could even alleviate pain.

Yeah, right.

One of the victims also worked for Summers and said he forced her to train by massaging him. During these sessions, he would often talk about his marital problems and sometimes offered his body as a tool for teaching the proper way to “get a man hard.”

At least Summers got something right. He is definitely a tool.

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  1. I hope this guys in jail…

  2. If I was one of those women I’d show him the benefits of a knuckle sandwich.

  3. I love your use of the word tool.

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