Custody and Carbon Monoxide

Cars should never be left running in a garageMonday afternoon, authorities in Toledo, Ohio discovered five family members dead in their garage from carbon monoxide poisoning. Although initial reports made the deaths seem accidental, such is not the case now.

According to Toledo Police Sergeant Joe Heffernan, there were hoses leading from a truck in the closed garage to the car where the victims were later found. In other words, someone meant for this to happen.

The victims include Sandy Ford (54), her son Andy (32) and three grandchildren: Paige (10), Logan (7) and Madalyn (5).

Apparently, Sandy and her husband were raising the children, but their parents now wanted custody and things had gotten quite ugly. Sandy’s husband found some strange notes around the house on Monday and tried to enter the garage, but it was locked. He immediately called the police, who entered the garage and found the bodies.

I guess it never occurred to Sandy that having both parents and grandparents in children’s lives would be a good thing. And now it’s too late for anyone to benefit from what could have been a rich and loving family network. What a shame…

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