Dead Again and Again

Kelvin Santos surrounded by family

Something very freaky happened to a Brazilian toddler last June that still gives me the creeps.

2-year-old Kelvin Santos suffered cardiac arrest and respiratory failure and was rushed to nearby Aberlardo Santos Hospital in Belem, Brazil. Doctors declared him dead due to complications from pneumonia, so his lifeless body was wrapped in an airtight bag and sent to his family the next day.

While the Santos family was making funeral arrangements, Kelvin’s aunt saw his body move ever so slightly, but she assumed it was nothing. When his eyes opened, however, she simply couldn’t ignore it. Unfortunately, he lost consciousness shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, Kelvin’s family was shocked, but this was only the beginning.

During the wake a few hours later, Kelvin regained consciousness again, sat up and even asked his father for a glass of water!

People started screaming in terror, but Kelvin again fell lifeless and this time, his parents took no chances. They returned to the hospital where he was finally declared dead… again.

Kelvin was finally buried and his family brought a malpractice suit against the hospital, but this isn’t as unusual as it sounds. For reasons science and medicine can’t always explain, people are sometimes “resurrected” from the dead or considered dead before they truly are.

Is it possible this is what happened to Jesus?

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  1. That would be my bet.

  2. I’ve heard of quite a few cases like that.One of the reasons for embalming,apparently some bodies that were exhumed were found to have been buried alive.

  3. Can’t think of anything worse.Might be good to live alone,someplace really isolated.Then if it happened you might have time to recover before someone hauled you away,pumped all your blood out,filled you with formeldahyde,and stuck you in the ground.Now,why didn’t we talk about this at halloween.

  4. You’re awesome,maybe we’ll find something equally horrifying for next halloween.

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