Do We Need More Bush?

PHOTO: George P. Bush

George P. at the 1988 RNC (courtesy of Ron Edmonds/AP)

For 12 of the last 24 years, there has been a Bush in the White House. First it was George H. Bush, Reagan’s VP who eventually took a beating at the hands of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Then came George W. Bush, the former coke head who led the misguided War on Terror against Saddam Hussein following the attacks of 9-11, despite the fact that Osama bin Laden was actually responsible.

And we all know how brother Jeb Bush helped George W. win Florida and subsequently the White House. Few will forget the “hanging chad” and its role in ending Al Gore’s bid for the top office.

Now it appears there is a new Bush entering the political arena in Texas: George P. Bush, son of Jeb. George 3.0 is running for Land Commissioner, a powerful position in a state known for its mineral riches, and Jeb is calling on his donors to lend a hand.

“While the election is in 2014,” Jeb wrote in a letter to his cash-loaded peeps, “it is important to show early financial support, particularly in a state as big as Texas.”

George P. Bush Photo

George P. now (courtesy of

George P. is also half Hispanic–his mother is Mexican–speaks fluent Spanish, and chairs the Hispanic Republicans of Texas. Given the GOP’s terrible showing among Hispanics during golden boy Romney’s presidential butt-kicking, George P. could be groomed for The Big Show someday.

Fortunately, the 2014 election for Land Commissioner provides an important opportunity to prevent any of this from happening. So before you go to the polls a few years from now, my Texan friends, please ask yourself this question: Haven’t we had enough Bush to last us a lifetime?

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