We Got the Power

Electrical substation

Electrical substation (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

The National Academy of Sciences just released a report describing how terrorists could destroy unique components of the U.S. power grid and black out large portions of the country for weeks or even months.

Theoretically, people could die from exposure to the elements or famine. And our economy would come crashing down… even more so than it has already.

This particular report was actually completed in 2007 and classified by the Department of Homeland Security. The version released Wednesday was redacted to avoid spoon-feeding terrorists details on how to hurt us, or so the NAS claimed.

I don’t buy it for a second.


Don’t give them any ideas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think of it this way: For the attacks of 9-11, Al-Qaeda sent operatives state-side as “sleepers” and eventually had them perpetrate the deadliest terrorist attack in our nation’s history. Isn’t it possible this could happen again, but with the focus on our power grid?

Sure, terrorists won’t know which specific components to target. But since when have terrorists been known for their pinpoint precision? I think they would be much more likely to start bombing the shit out of everything related to power, including substations and transformers. Eventually they’ll hit something critical, and there’s no telling how many Americans will die in the process.

So please, National Academy of Sciences, stop giving these terrorists suggestions on how to attack us more effectively. Leaving out some details won’t protect us from people who figured out how to use our own planes against us!

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  1. I don’t have to worry about tornados, hurricanes, or probably even earthquakes. But we live downstream from two hydro damns, one minutes from town. Yes, I am in Canada but I know a great deal of the power we produce goes down to the States. The chances of anything happening are beyond slim to none, but I am with you! Stop handing out ideas!

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