The Sore Loser

Marty Two Bulls, Mitt Romney and the 47 percent

One big reason Mitt lost (property of Marty Two Bulls)

It looks like Mitt Romney has recovered from his presidential whooping and could now use a refresher course in good sportsmanship.

On Wednesday, the once relevant Republican claimed that Obama beat him because of the “gifts” he gave to young people, African-Americans and Hispanics  prior to the election. And go figure, but he first made these comments on a call with some of his top donors.

Sounds just like the guy who called 47% of Americans freeloaders in a speech to wealthy donors, doesn’t it?

Romney referred to a number of Obama policies that gave his base “extraordinary financial gifts from the government.”

For young people, Obama forgave college loan interest and allowed anyone younger than 26 to remain on their parents’ insurance. This of course made contraception more available to young women.

For African-Americans and Hispanics, the President offered free health care for the foreseeable future. The children of illegal Latinos also received amnesty.

In Romney’s opinion, these were all kickbacks strategically placed to garner more support in November. This is highly unlikely, of course, but Obama did walk away with 60% of the youth vote, 93% of the African-American vote and 71% of the Hispanic vote. And even if these things were planned, the fact of the matter is that they were the right things to do.

Mitt just wishes that he had been able to do them.

Of course, there are plenty of Republicans who seem to be over Romney now that he lost by such a substantial margin in both the electoral and popular vote. And given his recent comments, a number of his own people seem to be turning against him.

“I absolutely reject that notion,” said Louisiana‘s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal during a recent conference in Las Vegas. “That’s absolutely wrong [and] I don’t think [it] represents where we are as a party and where we’re going.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker echoed Jindal’s sentiment when he added that the Republican party “isn’t just for people who are currently dependent on the government. It’s for all Americans.”

It looks like we made the right decision, my fellow Americans. If Romney can’t even get along with his own party, how could we ever expect him to lead a bipartisan charge to improve our great nation?

Vaya con dios, Mitt. Here’s hoping 100% of us never have to hear your 47% comments again.

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  1. What do you expect from a man from a man whose name rhymes with Shitt. Mitt and his corporate cronies claim to support conservative ideas but really they treat it as a means to an end.His real campaign was to support the richest 1% of this country by making them richer while the rest of deal with the consequences (the real trickle down economics). Thankfully, the “New World Order” has been foiled for another 4 years…

  2. Romney’s a heartless ass who only cares about himself.When they have his funeral the world will be a better place,& I for one will rejoice,& I’m not even American.
    Keep up the good work President Obama.

    • Yikes! I hope I never get on your bad side, doglady. LOL

      • That couldn’t happen.You have a heart.Romney was just sucking up to the big money people and didn’t care what happened to those people working and struggling to survive.He didn’t want the government to do anything but pocket the tax dollars poor people worked so hard for.I’d like to smack him in the head and rattle his brains,”not that there’s much to rattle”,he’s an idiot.

      • You’re preaching to the choir, doglady! LOL

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