Time to Stockpile Twinkies!

Goodbye, old friend (illustration by Bigshot Toyworks)

If you love Twinkies as much as I do, then it might be time to buy up every box you see. Hostess Brands, the maker of the delicious and long-lasting treat, has just filed a motion in Bankruptcy Court asking for permission to close and liquidate its assets.

The decision came after a year of hard times, which included several bankruptcy claims by the company, as well as recent strikes by its workers.

Fortunately, Hostess plans to sell off its iconic brands, so it is possible some other company will start producing Twinkies and Ding Dongs in the future.

Keep your fingers crossed, Twinkie lovers!

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  1. Truth is people would be healthier without them,they are all gooey sugar & nothing good.Try peanut butter cups or rice crispy cakes.Still lots of calories,but at least there’s something healthy in them.

  2. Can I admit I have never eaten a Twinkie! *gasp* Is that blasphemy? Lol

  3. I will miss the cupcakes… 😦 But the unions brought this ending upon themselves, I believe.

  4. awwww.I end of the never spoiling cakes 😦

    PS Hey I miss hearing from you in my parts.

  5. Oh the humanity…not the Twinkles and Ding Dongs…what next? The Collin Street Fruitcakes? 🙂

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