The Pro-Pedophile Movement? Really?

The first pedophile activist? Sick… (courtesy of MSNBC)

Earlier this month, 63-year-old James Phillip Edwards of Kansas City was sentenced to more than 240 years in prison for lacing ice cream with sleeping pills and using it to drug children.

Over the course of four years, Edwards assaulted 13 girls and videotaped them in an effort to create and later distribute child pornography.

As disturbing as this is, it gets worse.

Edwards now says he wants to lead the “pro-pedophile movement” from prison and has even written an essay entitled “The Pedophile Minority.” His goal, in the words of prosecutors, is to become the “standard-bearer for pedophiles” while he serves his time.

Fortunately, even the most sadistic and homicidal inmates view pedophiles and child molesters as lower-than-low and treat them accordingly. In other words, Edwards might have more luck leading a pro-sodomy movement, because that’s likely what he’ll experience as soon as he steps through the prison gate.

At least that’s a start…

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  1. I hope someone knocks that smile off his face. Permanently.

  2. Acute mental sickness comes in 32 flavors….I guess?

  3. He is sick! I agree with J.D. Gallagher.

  4. That S.O.B.should be shot.I hope they kill him in prison.As for Graham Woodruffe he’s another low life piece of crap.He lies when he says kids forget & get over.They might not talk about it but you NEVER forget.All human garbage who molest children should be killed as soon as they are caught.

    • I’m certainly no fan of pedophiles, doglady, but I can understand some of Graham’s points. If this is an illness, perhaps there is some way to treat it. Granted, guys like the one in this article who take pride in the things they do may not deserve a second chance, but someone who suffers from this disease, never acts on it and tries to change might be worth helping. It’s a more complicated issue than I first thought, but I do share some of your anger. Kids have enough to worry about these days, to be sure…

  5. Woodruffe,you’re another low life piece of crap.You should be euthenized along with your sick,destructive friends.You’re disgusting as well as stupid and have no idea what you’re talking about.My bet is you’re a child molester yourself.We don’t want to hear from garbage like you.

  6. I agree with some of what you have to say in theory, Graham. If pedophilia is indeed a sickness, then yes, we need to focus on ways to help treat it. If treatment is possible, that is. I certainly feel everyone deserves a second chance. This particular case fired me up a bit since this guy seems to be proud to be a pedophile. Of course, this may also signify even deeper mental illness.

    As for being more alarmist with regard to our kids, I guess some of it stems from how global the world is today. When I was a kid, I remember there being a child molester at large, but all we saw was a police sketch in the paper. And yes, people would be more careful around the neighborhood, but that’s as far as it went. These days, however, these individuals can prey on our children in person, through the internet and in a multitude of other ways. That’s why these cases get so blown up, at least in my opinion.

    I definitely wish you luck with Second Chance, Graham. And I hope your group members can come to terms with their illness and find a constructive way to rejoin society. People are people, after all.

    And thanks for the great comments!

  7. This guy isn’t just a pedophile (attracted to kids) but a serial abuser and a wacko. I hope people will see him as worthy of a news story precisely because he is incredibly unusual in such unrepentant bull. Some abusers are cynical manipulators, many more are confused and lonely men who somehow convince themselves what they did was OK. Then there are lots and lots of pedophiles who would never abuse a child because they know it’s bad for them (including me). Judging all pedophiles by this guy is like judging ordinary hetero men by serial rapists. And if your teen son realizes with horror he’s attracted to kids, he has to know that he can live a good life without becoming an abuser (see

  8. I certainly hope you guys are right. For all our kids’ sakes…

  9. I think the age of consent should be lowered to 11

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