Lost and Found

Recently, the news has been chock full of stories about lost items and unusual discoveries. Here is a quick round-up of some of the more interesting and unusual ones:


Not what you want in your fridge (Photo credit: Destinys Agent)

Shelly Swift of Lake Mary, Florida, was excited when she found a slightly-used, stainless steel refrigerator at a local appliance liquidation store for a decent price. She took it home, plugged it in and was ready to enjoy her new purchase until she made a horrible discovery: the refrigerator was infested with German cockroaches. And now her house is, too.

Global Appliance Liquidators has since taken back the refrigerator. Rather than offering Swift a refund of her $900, however, they have instead offered her store credit. As if anyone would shop there after something like this happened to them.

Deputies in Anderson County, South Carolina, just arrested John Michael Young and Shaine Fischer in connection with the murders of two people, Andrea Mitchell and Tony McGinnis. The bodies of Mitchell and McGinnis were found in barrels, one on the shore of Lake Hartwell and another submerged beneath its murky waters. A cause of death for the victims has not yet been released, but the fact that McGinnis’ body was dismembered leaves little doubt that future details could be equally gruesome.

100 Dollar Bills

Cashing in some shoes (Photo credit: Philip Taylor PT)

A woman in Galveston, Texas, decided to do a good deed and took some old shoes to her local Goodwill to donate. Later in the day, a Goodwill employee was arranging some items on a shelf and noticed some money had been stashed in the shoes. It ended up being $3300 and, thankfully, a woman came in to claim it before the seven-day grace period ended. As it turned out, her husband had given away the shoes and had no idea she had stashed their life’s savings in them!

Another Goodwill story involves Shea Munroe of Federal Way, Washington. As she was sorting through donated art and collectibles recently, Munroe stumbled across “Reflections,” a signed and numbered etching from famed surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The work is now being auctioned on Goodwill’s website and will close on Monday evening. And given that the last bid was for more than $10,000, it appears the charitable organization will do quite well on this donated treasure.

The moral of these stories is this: you never know what you can find or what’s been left behind.

Hey, that rhymes. And as the saying goes, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it, but my feet show it… they’re Longfellows.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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