No to Wiener

Castro Street nudity at its best… or worst?

Tomorrow, San Francisco lawmakers will vote on an ordinance to prohibit public nudity except for participants in certain special events, like the annual gay pride parade and the Folsom Street Fair, which celebrates sexual subcultures.

As it stands, most California cities have no local nudity laws since social mores and indecent exposure laws normally cover it. Of course, these laws normally address only lewd behavior, so simple nudity may not always be prohibited.

Things in San Francisco seem to have gotten a little out-of-hand though, especially in the Castro District where a group of gay residents regularly stroll around in the buff with everything hanging out. Complaints have been piling up and now it appears as if city leaders must act.

One such leader with an unfortunate name, but one that fits nicely into this story, is Supervisor Scott Wiener. His proposal would make it illegal for anyone older than five to “expose his or her genitals, perineum or anal region on any public street, sidewalk, street median, parklet or plaza.” These areas would have to be covered while using public transit, as well.

Freedom to dangle?

As you might imagine, there has been some public outrage over this issue since San Francisco seems to relish its status as one of America’s weirdest and most free-wheeling cities. Last Monday, the ban had its first public hearing and Gypsy Taub, mother of two and a local nudist, immediately disrobed and was taken into custody. This was followed later in the week by a protest on the steps of city hall where several dozen people stripped down in protest of the impending ban.

While I am all for freedom and generally wouldn’t protest public nudity, at least where women are concerned, it does seem strange to have naked people walking around town and even using public transportation. Not everyone takes care of their bodies as they should and in the case of body modification, things could get even dicier. I have seen some pictures of penis piercings and the like and believe me, these things could give children nightmares. Hell, some even gave me nightmares.

I’m not sure what the solution for San Francisco is, but it seems like they’re heading in the right direction. The city can still be a mecca for sexual freedom during special events, but do people really need to see wieners flopping around all year round?

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  1. I am with ya on this one Scott, while I don’t mind a good showing once in awhile I’m not going to sit where someone’s naked a$$ just was. There’s a time and place for everything, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome of this one.

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