Busted By Your Books

Textbook Stack

Ancient history? (Photo credit: greenasian)

CourseSmart Analytics is currently testing an e-textbook service that tracks student study habits and delivers detailed information to teachers and professors.

In other words, the days of ignoring your textbooks and slacking off with regard to your assigned readings may be history, students.

Although this service will not be readily available until 2013, three U.S. universities are currently testing the technology: Texas A&M in San Antonio, Rasmussen College and Villanova University.

Since I have worked in higher education for the majority of my career, and given that I consider myself something of a life-long learner and educator, I can’t help but get excited about this new service. One of the main problems I encounter at the small private college where I work are students who never use their textbooks and therefore rob themselves of these important resources. Now it appears their own textbooks will “rat them out” if they fail to utilize them.

Nothing like getting busted by your books for being too lazy to use them!

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