All That Gas

Gas is wreaking havoc across the nation and is all over the news these days. And no, I’m not talking about the natural gas created by all those delicious Thanksgiving meals or leftovers, even though it can be just as destructive; I’m referring to the gas that many of us rely on in our homes and businesses. And stories like these make me wonder just how safe it really is.

Gas made Indy neighborhood go bye-bye (courtesy of Matt Kryger/The Indianapolis Star/AP)

On November 10, a house explosion rocked an Indianapolis neighborhood, killing two people, destroying and damaging homes, and causing more than $4 million in damage. Officials believe natural gas was involved and have focused on several gas-powered appliances in the home. Of course, police also announced that they would shift their investigation towards criminal homicide, since a suspicious van was spotted in the area just before the explosion occurred.

It seems to me that a criminal intent on harming someone could do worse than using natural gas. The neighborhood in Indianapolis was leveled and I’m sure concrete evidence will be hard to come by. I only hope copycats don’t start to pop up all over the place.

“Stripped” club (courtesy of David Molnar/Springfield Republican via AP)

There was another gas explosion last night in Springfield, Massachusetts, only this time it took out a strip club and damaged as many as two dozen other buildings. No one died, thankfully, but eighteen people were injured, including several firefighters, police officers and gas company employees.

Gas in the form of carbon monoxide made another appearance this past Wednesday in a section of York County Prison in Pennsylvania. A small leak in the ventilation system caused nearly fifty female inmates to be rushed to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

That’s three stories related to gas in less than a week, which scares the heck out of me and leaves me wondering: What could possibly be next? Those of you who use natural gas regularly should be extra careful…

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  1. I feel that these gas utilities are just milking the regulators – and us – out of money. They base their “rates” on a “rate case”. The rate case is filled with budgets and forecasts. However, they are so filled with unnecessary expenses, its almost like deceit… Like around here, Edison is buying ads on TV and print warning people not to touch downed power lines. What a stupid advertisement…er, “warning”. But the gas utility around here is the same. They spend preposterous amounts on salaries, bonuses and expense reports but fail to replace the underground gas lines until it is too late…because they don’t have enough money. 🙂

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