Psy Overtakes Bieber on YouTube


Please “horse dance” your way out of pop culture (Photo credit: KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea)

On its Trends blog this past Saturday, YouTube announced that Justin Bieber‘s hit music videoBaby” has just been overtaken by none other than South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

The video featuring the flamboyant rapper has been viewed more than 800 million times and receives roughly 10 million hits per day.

Is it me, or is this one of the dumbest videos/trends ever? The “horse dance” itself brings to mind the Macarena, which thankfully disappeared over time.

Here’s hoping “Gangnam Style” fades into obscurity even faster…

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  1. sorry but…i love psy ^_^

  2. Gangnam Style is 10X more catchier than anything by Bieber. Much like the macarena, the horse dance is a non-discriminatory dance in that even those with 0 dance skills can recreate the epicness in their own basement or in a club near you. Why the hate? Bad dancing is the oldest kind of dancing.

  3. Luv Psy – catchy tune and dance moves that are easy enough for anyone to do 🙂 I think you’ve been out-voted LOL

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