Dangerous Times in Mexico

Another lost beauty…

It’s no secret that drug-related violence in Mexico has been off the charts lately, and some of the killings have been so brutal that I dare not mention them here. Why glorify something so terrible?

Of course, some recent deaths of prominent Mexican women prevent me from ignoring this issue any longer.

This past weekend, a former beauty queen was killed in a fire fight between military troops and criminals in Mocorito. 20-year-old Maria Susana Flores Gamez was the 2012 Woman of Sinaloa, but may have been running with the wrong crowd. At the time of her death, she was with the criminals and for now, no one knows why. Authorities did seize drugs and weapons from the criminals’ vehicles, so it’s obvious Gamez may have been up to no good.

What a waste of a beautiful young woman.

Gorrostieta’s original bullet wounds

In an equally tragic development, the body of former mayor of Tiquicheo Maria Santos Gorrostieta was found last week. Her hands were bound behind her and the cause of death appeared to be blunt trauma to the back of her head.

Gorrostieta was a defiant mayor who fought against drug-related violence and apparently upset the cartels in her area. In 2009, assassins tried to kill her, but instead killed her husband. Their bullets finally found her in 2011, but somehow she still managed to survive. And when her term ended in 2011, Gorrostieta remarried and seemed to be moving on with her life.

Sadly, the cartel didn’t allow this to happen.

Earlier this month, they kidnapped Gorrostieta as she was driving her daughter to school. Her daughter cried endlessly as her mother was dragged away, and that was the last time she would see her alive.

Mexico used to be a great place to visit and in many ways, I’m sure it still is to some degree. However, I would think twice before travelling there because you never know where cartel-fueled violence will strike. And until Mexican authorities can get things under control, you may want to consider visitingĀ New Mexico instead.

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  1. Very sad state of affairs…and as you may allude, the influx of illegal entries are bound to increase – not just due to their economy but due to rampant violence.

  2. I can’t *like* this post, I’d rather comment on how sad the violence is. :sigh:

  3. I saw this story just after watching Miss Bala. The movie is all about how beauty queens and drug traffickers more or less run in the same crowds in Mexico. It really is the ugly side of beauty.

    With so many accounts of tourists getting attacked in Mexico, everyone I talk to would rather visit Cuba or Dominican Republic for a safer but equally sunny holiday.

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