Devil Worshippers Kill Baby

Did Satan make them do it? (courtesy of WGHP)

Alas, there is another sad and disturbing story to report from my home state of North Carolina. This one comes from the city of High Point.

Brian Jack Frazier and Stefany Renee Ash both practiced Wicca, a modern pagan religion based largely on witchcraft. Eventually, their interests morphed into something darker. Several years ago, the two met online through a website for people who worship the devil. And shortly thereafter, Frazier left Louisiana and arrived in North Carolina.

Louisiana’s loss is our gain, I suppose. And yes, I am being very facetious.

Early Tuesday morning, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 a.m., Frazier was playing video games when the couple’s newborn son Khan got fussy. Annoyed at the interruption, Frazier went into the child’s room, grabbed him by the throat and punched him in the face.

The blow killed Khan instantly. And Frazier just went to bed.

Say “no” to Satan!

The next afternoon, Ash discovered the dead child and rather than informing police, decided she and Frazier should discuss their options. For an hour or more they talked about burying the body, making it look like a kidnapping or finding some other way to fool authorities into believing they were innocent of any crime.

I guess these two “geniuses” couldn’t think of anything convincing because eventually, they called the police and were both arrested soon after.

Frazier has now been charged with first-degree murder while Ash faces charges of being an accessory after the fact.

Ash’s stepfather, Bruce Alston, believes that Frazier influenced her through some type of magic spell. “She believed that if she didn’t do what he said that he had power over her to take her life,” he told reporters.

Only in North Carolina!

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