NFL Player in Murder-Suicide

Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher was a Chief for four years (courtesy of Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

I have some tragic breaking news to report from the NFL.

Early this morning, 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher got into an argument with his girlfriend, pulled out a gun, shot and killed her. And he did so in plain view of his visiting mother and in the same house as his 3-month-old daughter.

Belcher then drove five miles to Arrowhead Stadium, stood outside the practice facility, spoke with head coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli, and killed himself. He thanked them for everything they had done for him seconds before he pulled the trigger.

Details will likely trickle out all day about this terrible event, but ESPN did speak with one of Belcher’s former college teammates from Maine who had some interesting things to say. Raibonne Charles, a defensive lineman, described Belcher as “an undersized linebacker whose 40-yard dash time wasn’t exceptional. But he was an inspiration for a lot of guys at the school because he made it to the NFL despite his shortcomings.”

It’s a sad day for the NFL and the world of sports. And my heart truly goes out to everyone personally affected by this tragic loss… especially that poor little girl who just became an orphan.

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